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FBCG Mission Trips 2020 (1)

Missions at First Grapevine is Gospel-Centered Discipleship that leads to Gospel-Centered Mission.

Almost everyone who has ever been on a short term mission trip returns home having experienced some degree of life change. Inevitably when a person experiences a different part of the world or a new culture while on God’s mission, God seems to do a work in their heart that changes their lives and their view of the world around them. Of course a church’s participation in missions is about sharing the “Good News” with the world. However, could it be that God has another primary design for our calling to “Go and make disciples?” Could it be that the activity of the missionary is equally about the growth of the missionary as it is about the proclamation of the gospel to those who don’t yet believe?

At First Grapevine, we feel that our mission’s activity is about the growth and development of our people…Gospel-Centered Discipleship. Then as we grow in our understanding of how the gospel changes everything, our lives become purposeful through Gospel-Centered Mission.

As you read through the information about missions at our church, we invite you to jump in and be obedient to the calling of Jesus to “Go and make disciples.” You will see that God is allowing us to do some awesome things for His kingdom. We also invite you to embrace God’s desire to change you as you serve others. After all, because you embrace Jesus as Lord, you are a missionary. Your citizenship is in Heaven which makes you a foreigner here on Earth. You have already been sent!


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