COVID-19 UPDATE: As an essential business in the state of Texas, First Baptist Church remains open to meet the needs of our church family and our community.  We are choosing to office off site, but please do not hesitate to reach out to us by calling 817-412-1843 or email Click here for more information.

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Doug Page_STAFF.PNG     Brad Haile_STAFF.PNG     Grady Watson_STAFF.PNG    
Frank Roberson_STAFF.PNG     Jonathan Cook_STAFF.PNG     Rachel Norton_STAFF.PNG    
Carson Wagner_STAFF.PNG     Linda Knight_STAFF.PNG     Patti McAnelly_STAFF.PNG    
Bonnie McCall_STAFF.PNG     Bryan Vineyard_STAFF.PNG     Janet Burrow_STAFF.PNG    
Fred Neeley_STAFF.PNG      John Birkes_STAFF.PNG      Kirsey Bass_STAFF.PNG     
Rachel Wagner_STAFF.PNG     Robert Allen_STAFF.PNG     Kelli Lawrence_STAFF.PNG    
Karen Bittmann_STAFF.PNG     Leslie Kaemmerling_STAFF.PNG     Kristi Page_STAFF.PNG    
Linda Boney_STAFF.PNG     Suzanne Matthews_STAFF.PNG     Janice Coulter_STAFF.PNG    
Marcus Smith_STAFF.PNG