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Sermon Series

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How can a church family endure all the seasons of change that we experience over a lifetime? Join us the next several weeks as our Pastor opens God‘s Word and helps us discover characteristics of a church that stands the test of time. 

Enduring Church | series outline

Enduring Church | sermon videos

Proverbs_Timeless Wisdom 2021

King Solomon was invited by Almighty God to ask Him for anything. Anything! Solomon asked for wisdom and knowledge to lead God’s people. In response, God gave Solomon wisdom, knowledge, and so much more. In the book of Proverbs, Solomon shares some words of wisdom which remain relevant for us in the 21st Century. In this eight-week series, we will uncover some timeless wisdom that we can employ and instill in the generations to come.

Proverbs | Timeless Wisdom series outline

Proverbs | Timeless Wisdom sermon videos


Romans  Unfiltered

The gospel according to the Apostle Paul is full of rich theology and practical application. “If we gain a true understanding of the Epistle of Romans, then we have an open door to all the most profound treasures of scriptures.” – John Calvin. Over the  next many months, we will take an unfiltered look at these timeless truths of scripture which teach us what a real life of faith in Christ should look like.

Romans | unfiltered series summary

Romans | unfiltered series outline

Romans | unfiltered sermon videos