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Smoke_Screen_library copy

When smoke jumper Nate Beckett is injured during a wildfire, it sets events into motion that could redeem a painful past---or destroy his future. Pastor's kid Brenna Strickland was his first love. Then his father went to prison for killing hers---and was pardoned 14 years later. But if Roy Beckett didn't kill Reverend Strickland, who did?

The Church Library contains the latest books, E-books, CDs and DVDs. Our purpose is to provide church members and people from the community with materials that will bring them closer to God.

Library Hours


  • 9-9:15am
  • 10:15-10:30am


  • 10-11:30am *during the school year
  • 4-7pm 



*E-Book Instructions: Once on the E-Books website, click on the books icon in the upper right hand corner, then select the name of the library from the dropdown – ‘First Baptist Church Grapevine’, then type in your library card number and a pin. If you need a library card and pin, please email library@fbcgrapevine.com.