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Using Moments for Discipleship

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Moments happen. Moments pop up without a plan. Unplanned moments can create great opportunities for discipleship. When these unplanned moments emerge, you have one of two choices. Go after it and lead your kids, or let it go by.

Leveraging the everyday moments for discipleship is what Jesus did.

  • Luke 21:1-4 – The Widow’s Small Copper Coins. Christ points to something happening right around His disciples to teach about kingdom economics.
  • Luke 11:37-12:3 – Dinner With the Pharisees. Christ takes advantage of an opportunity to confront sin where He sees it.
  • Mark 10:17-27 – The Rich Young Ruler. Christ teaches His disciples about a right view of wealth after seeing a man saddened by being asked to give it all up.
  • Mark 10:35-45 – James’ and John’s Desire to Be Great Christ uses a dispute among His disciples to teach them about true servanthood and humility.

Everyday moments and opportinties pop up and are easy ways for you to use them to teach and train your kids. 

In order to use moments you must…

  • Be Observant
    • Watch, listen, and slow down
  • Be Prepared
    • Know God's word, be ready to share and apply His word in any and all moments.
    • Find resources to be at the ready when you need to know what God's word says about the moment you are in. (See Below) 
  • Be Real
    • Your child knows you. Be honest, valuable, and real with them in the moments.

When moments happen you must…

  • Look Vertically
    • Ok God, what are you teaching/leading?
      •  Where is God at work? What is God teaching? God show me and give me words to speak. What does your word say about this?
  • Look Horizontally
    • Ok God, how does this apply today, here and now?
        • What is the Culture, Context and Community and how is it involved?
        • Who else is involved that I can include? Family members, siblings, spouse etc.

      When it comes to moments, you must know God’s word. There are some really great resources to help you find answers from scripture about questions that pop up. Please see THE QUICK GUIDE ON TOPICS attached to the end of this document. Always feel free to ask our Family Ministry staff for help or suggestions. We are here for you especially for these moments.

      This was part of our Parent Webinar in our Facebook Group.

      (Click Here for the Quick Topic Guide)

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