The student center at FBCG is dubbed "theBOX".  There are two reasons we have arrived at this name: 1.  It’s a huge rectangle (a renovated grocery store), 2. In our culture, theBOX is interchangeable with the HEART and what we set our heart toward.   The mission is simple.  We want to equip the students and their families with the tools they need in their walk with Christ in “theBOX” so they can live out their calling each day.  I think our catch-phrase sums it up pretty well: “life happens outside theBOX”.  



At The VINE, we feel it is important to hang out. We want to do life together. Whether its journeying through God’s Word, having worship in the BOX or in homes, playing ridiculous games, or serving our world, we want to be together. We realize the more we create planned or spur of the moment ways do this, the more we become the authentic community God designed us to be.


We dedicate ourselves to reading God’s word together each Wednesday Night and Sunday Mornings. Throughout the year getting in the Word may occur in theBOX (student center), in homes, or on our huge porch outside of theBOX. We have also designed weekly devotionals and questions for our students and parents to do at home that will allow them to go deeper in the text for that week.


Worship is defined as the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for God. We not only hope to see our families corporately engage God the Father through song, but also live a life of worship each and every day.


The VINE strives to see our community of teens and parents become intentional about bringing Christ’s salvation, healing, freedom and liberation to the broken world that is in need of Him. Simply put: “Take Jesus across the street and across the sea”.