Women's Ministry - Dedra
Dear Ladies of FBCG,

It is my great privilege to serve you as the Women's Ministry Coordinator.  I am very excited to stand beside you in ministry.  God has burdened me with a deep passion for His Word and for women.  Over the last few years, God has been patiently instructing me to view each of His children as His treasure.  When my children were small, I would hide "treasure" in our sandbox because it brought them such great joy in finding it.  Truly, I did it because I received even greater joy in watching the discovery.

You, my friend, have a treasure within you.  2 Corinthians 4:7 tells us "We have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not from ourselves."

Powerfully working in me is God’s desire that every woman would realize this treasure that gives her the capacity to greatly impact her circle of influence.  Especially, to realize that she has been called to specific works that God has planned for her and no one else.  I want to encourage you to join me in this beautiful, sometimes painful, but always rewarding journey to discover, live out, and capture that which God has created you to accomplish.  Be looking for future information on the 2014 plans for our Women's Ministry.

With great love,

Dedra Hogue



Thursdays beginning February 6th from 9:30am to 11:30am:

Covenant by Kaye Arthur. An eight week Bible study, Covenant explores God's initiatives with humanity by studying His covenants throughout history. Kay shows that the idea of covenant — God's enduring promise — is key to understanding our relationship to God.  Homework takes about 15-25 minutes to complete on a daily basis. Leader - Madalyn Hardgrave.



Nehemiah by Kelly Minter.  A seven week Bible study for women. Nehemiah's heart was so broken for those in need that he left the comfort of his Persian palace to help them. Are you ready to let God break your heart for a hurting, lost world and move you in compassion to be the hands and feet of Jesus? Leader - Dedra Hogue.


Sundays beginning February 9th from 5:15pm to 7pm:

Unique Design by Serendipity. A nine week study on how God has gifted each and every one of us in His family with unique abilities. He has created you with specific talents, spiritual gifts, personality and life experiences in order to help you fulfill His special purpose for you in this life. Through "Unique Design: Connecting with the Christian Community" you'll not only learn what the Bible has to say about God's creative work in each of us, you'll also find out how God shaped you for ministry, apply what you learn in practical projects & embrace life-change goals for yourself. Leader - Wanda Shoemake


Why Do You Believe That? by Mary Jo Sharp.  How confident do you feel in talking about matters of faith? Do you wish you could express your beliefs with more effectiveness? Join Mary Jo in a practical seven-session study and gain understanding and skill to share Jesus effectively with others, and you'll better understand your own faith. Answer your doubts, build your confidence, and start changing lives.  Leader - Dedra Hogue


 Covenant - $15, Nehemiah - $13, Unique Design - $7, Why Do You Believe That? - $13

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First Place is a Christ-centered, total health program with focus on achieving balance in the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical areas of our lives. Orientation will be Tuesday, February 11, at 12:30 p.m. in Room D104. This session, during which we will study Moving Forward Together, will last 13 weeks. This class will be led by D’Ann Laywell.  Cost: $18.00.  No child care will be available for this class.


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