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At FBC Grapevine, we really believe in the importance of Bible Study.  We desire to be a “Bible-based church of contagious JOY!”  So, it only stands to reason that our church would be organized around Bible Study Classes (aka Sunday School). Now, if those words conjure up a boring, dried up monotone lecture in your mind, I have good news for you: It’s not what you think.  And if the words “Sunday School” make you think of construction paper, scissors, and Elmer’s glue…well It’s not what you think!

When you go to a Bible Study Class (aka Sunday School), you’ll experience a dynamic Bible Study that really explains the Bible, speaks to you, and shows you how to apply it to your life. You’ll discover a group of people with whom you have much in common, and you will make friends and grow close as you experience the love of God and express His love by serving the needs of others.

We have some of the best Bible Study teachers that you’ll find anywhere, and they are passionate about God’s Word, but being in a Bible Study Class goes beyond just being there on Sunday morning.  Classes get together every month just to have fun.  Sometimes it’s at someone’s house; sometimes it’s something different; but it is ALWAYS something fun and usually free or almost free. 

We believe the Christian life is a joyful life.  That’s why our vision is to be a “Bible-based church of contagious JOY!” 

JOY is easily understood through the acrostic:

J-Jesus First
O-Others Second
Y-Yourself Last

If you get things in that order, the result is JOY!  It’s more than a catchy little acrostic.  It’s really the truth. Try it.  You’ll see.

That’s why Bible Study Classes are also organized to minister to each other and with each other.  Let’s face it:  sometimes life gets downright nasty.  We believe in being self-reliant, but there are times when we all need help.  In our church, when you need help, it will usually be your Bible Study Class that is there to respond.  Most of the time, your class will be able to help you with just about anything you’re facing. 

And while you may sometimes be on the receiving end of that care, I’ve discovered that more often than not, people are on the giving end, and they personally discover the truth of what Jesus said: “…It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35)  This is one of the things that happens to a class when they aren’t in class: they serve the needs of others. And somehow, when we put the needs of others ahead of ourselves and serve them in the name of Jesus, it just brings an incredible sense of JOY.  (Thus, the acrostic.)

So, if you’re interested in really learning the Bible, applying it, and exploring it together with a group of genuine and sincere people who are just like you, then I hope you’ll make it a point to connect with one of the classes we offer for your age group.