Testimony of God's Blessings: Jesus has made an amazing difference in my life. I've really grown as a person. I'm happier and more hopeful about my future. I'm able to talk more and more about our need for Jesus and about the blessing He brings to us. God is so good!
(M.S., 50s)


Children’s Testimony of Jesus Changing Attitudes: Jesus has changed my life by having a good attitude during my baseball games.  
(C.B., 2nd Grade)


Testimony of Christ's Love: Christ not only saved me, but has given my life purpose. Because Jesus is my Savior, I have something to live for. Everyday, I am challenged to be more like Him and to show others Christ's love and forgiveness.
(H.E., Student)


Testimony of God's Inspiration: All of us looked forward to the first Plus Generation Celebration at FBC Grapevine. We felt it would be good, but we had no idea the conference would be as moving, as inspirational and as fulfilling as it was. It was so evident the Holy Spirit descended on the services and invaded our hearts.

Dr. Harlan's presence was a key factor in making the worship experience such a blessing. Dr. Wiginton's messages were so insightful and appropriate, especially for our senior members. The music on Monday evening was about as close to a heavenly experience as we can hope for while we are still on earth.

We were blessed, refreshed and inspired to continue our work for the Kingdom. Hopefully, this will energize and reinvigorate our members to become even more involved as our church continues to evangelize, equip and exalt. We must continue to be obedient to our Savior's last words before he returned to the Father. (G.&D.C., 70s)


Children's testimony for MAD Camp: One way Jesus has changed my life is MAD Camp. It is very fun and many people accept Jesus. It always fills up every time so I encourage you to sign up. It is also a lot of fun watching Mrs. D'Ann jump off the Blob. (C.K., 4th Grade)